Welcome to Diamond John's Terms and Conditions

Diamond Johns Riverside Retreat
81 Roy Road
Murfreesboro, Arkansas 71958
(870) 285-4027 or (323) 640-6496 or (323) 640-6659

Note: This is not a resort per se. This is country camping with unique amenities.

~ 72 hour cancellations notice for any refund.
~ 100% deposit in advance.
~ No refund for shortened stays.

~ Warning: Note: if you have issues with or allergies to any animals including but not limited to cats, dogs, geese, peacocks goats, chickens snakes, wasps bees mosquitoes, pollen ragweed, mould spores, poison ivy, dirt etc. please please choose a motel or hotel instaed. This is country camping which includes all the issues and smells of Nature. Also note teepees are canvas structures built on decks above ground and can smell damp before, after and during rains...please consider as you may want a cabin. There are no bathrooms inside a teepees.. Hypochondriacs, whiners and people with phobias are discouraged from trying their luck at camping in teepees! Please take note of the warning above as there will be no refunds within three days of arrival as stated above.


Call (870) 285-4027 for more information